Packaging Merchandise: The practical way for Brand Marketing

Growing up, we were always taught to never judge a book by its cover. Although that teaching gives our personality a much better touch on values, most people still rely on the first impression or the first glance.

In marketing any liquor brand, the appearance of your product greatly affects your consumer’s choice. A potential patron will always be attracted to great aesthetics as it is a natural response to something handsome or good looking.

One of the most practical ways to market your brand is by creating a type of merchandise that has function. Not only can it be used alongside your product, but it can also level up your product’s classy feel.


Just like this single wine box for Penfolds, it is a simple yet intricate design that will capture more than the eyes of wine enthusiasts. For giving gifts, this type of merchandise can give remedy to the hassle of wrapping a bottle of wine for Christmas. It can definitely add elegance to your brand of liquor and will surely reflect the premiere quality of any alcohol brand. With the help of Merch and Effect, we can turn simple everyday things into something quite functional and relevant to your brand. Creativity goes a long way with the foundation of functionality.