Creative and Practical Merchandising products for your Brand

Every liquor lover’s concern is either keeping their drink cold or making sure that it’s fresh. This passion for liquor can be shared to your patrons through practical and innovative merchandise that can definitely depict a much more premium and classy brand.

A wine barrel as merchandise is a sure winner for your loyal wine enthusiasts. Not only that it looks authentic, but it serves the purpose of keeping the wine fresh for your patron’s palette. This product will tell your customers how your brand values the quality of wine you produce and can definitely earn their trust. Wine barrels may be a risk to be produced for a consumer’s market, but it is well worth the investment to keep your loyal patrons interested in your brand. This product is more than storing your wine; it is more about earning the trust of the people who are passionate for wine.  

A Liquor Dispenser is another great product to share to your clients. This product stays true to the saying that laughter springs eternal as long as the beer and liquor remain cold. A dispenser is a practical tool for a party since it takes out the hassle of fast-melting ice. Through this product, you are able to give off a classy vibe for your clients’ guests and make sure that everyone is enjoying a party with your brand.

Merch & Effect continues to open possibilities for you and your clients to continue sharing the passion of wine and liquor. Keep the fire burning and innovate your brand through creative and practical merchandising.