Small Things, Big Impact: Branded Flash Drives

When we think of creative and luxurious merchandise, we tend to think of something big and flashy. Sometimes, the greatest brand merchandise can come in something that can fit inside your pocket. In this digital age, most of our documents and files come in soft copies. Because of that, flash drives became quintessential tools. From sharing important soft copies of documents to sharing movies and music with friends, flash drives are convenient to have around.

Flash drives can come in all sorts of shapes and designs to suit what your brand needs. Launching a new product? You can consider a design in the form of that product. Commemorating an event? Have it come in a form of something that would recall that event like this flash drive we designed and produced to commemorate Beringer being the official wine of the PGA Tour. It takes little effort to guess that the PGA Tour was a golfing event because of its design and that's how a merchandise should be, direct to point in delivering the brand's message.


Flash drives make great brand merchandise as people use them al the time. That means more exposure to your brand and an extended brand reach for a long time as long as the flash drive is used. They're one of the gifts that will never, ever  be considered cheap because of their function plus the fact that regular flash drives can cost a lot. It's one of those small things that leave a big impact, and a great tool to cement your brand's footing in its respective industry.