Summer Items From Matua

Matua celebrates the summer season with their range of wearable summer items. 
The brand has always been known to produce the most refreshing and zestful beverages, making it the perfect wine brand to make your summer vacations sparkle.
The summer items we designed for Matua perfectly celebrates this bright season and compliments the brand's gusto for luxury and relaxation. 

For the men's hat, we went for a trilby. Trilby hats have this relaxed vibe that goes well with any summer attire. We designed this hat with a band in the color of Matua's signature teal. 

Let's not forget the ladies, so for them, we designed a wide-brimmed straw hat with the same color band as the trilby. Both look fashionable and are just what you need to complete your summer look. What's great about these hats is that when they are worn together, they look like the classiest summer-themed couple merchandise a brand could produce. The brand's logo is still present without being overbearing or obstructive to the overall style of the items.

Next, we have this clean and crisp Matua polo shirt in teal. Not everyone is fond of wearing sleeveless tees and some may even opt to spend the summer in country clubs doing sports rather than being on the beachside. This Matua polo shirt is summery color makes it a great top to wear and it's 100% cotton material makes it comfortable and cool to wear in the summer heat. The brand's Ta Moko is prominently printed at the back and embroidered at the front, making it truly the brand's own merchandise. 

A favorite among women, we designed this summer sarong for Matua with the brand's Ta Moko. The brand's teal color with white against the black backdrop makes for a stunning continuous print. This sarong is large enough to tie into a cover-up dress. This is one of our works where we used the brand's imagery to create an entirely new design that is unique to the brand it represents.

These are examples of how a brand can integrate fashion to their line of merchandise. Venturing into wearable fashion merchandise can be hit or miss business that is why it takes careful planning and designing by our team. We're glad for the opportunity to work with Matua and the team is looking forward to more fun challenges such as this range of summer items.