Wine on the Go!

There’s no better way of having wine than having it on-the-go.
Although it may just also be your everyday sling bag, it serves the unique purpose of protecting those precious wine bottles without the hassle of a bulky ice chest and cooler. This might just be the perfect gift for the genuine wine enthusiast other than that usual bottle of wine. It may come in different styles and may be made from different types of material, be it animal’s skin or just high-quality leather. 

2-Bottle Leather Wine Bag

This is for that type of guy who loves romance. A simple design built for a practical purpose. A bag that is not too bulky and very much fashionable, that can hold 2 bottles of wine without the risk of it breaking. These bags can easily capture the spirit of your brand through a subtle embodiment of your logo. The best part about this bag is that it can easily be paired with a nice suit! In that way, romance flows eternally through the night.

Wine Picnic Backpack

Practicality and Durability at its slickest form. This Wine Picnic Backpack is perfect for that adventurous couple who loves the outdoors. This pack can hold up to four wine bottles that can last overnight, perfect for a camping trip with friends and family. It can also hold other types of utensils that’s needed by any boy scout. The versatility of this product with its touch of style can surely reflect a brand that everybody can relate to. 

Wine Porter Travel Case

The Porter travel case is not for the average Joe. This case means business when it comes to wine. Its hard shell feature assures the safety of your precious wine bottles. This is definitely the perfect case for the wine enthusiasts who love to take their passions overseas. This product can improve any brand’s image as a true wine advocate. Offering a protective case ensures consumers to trust on the quality of the wines produced.


 Each wine container has its own personality. These product ideas will surely create a much more stable patronage as it is exposed to the culture of love for wine. It is best to keep them diverse for a wider consumer impact. After all, every person has its own particular taste.