Effective Merchandising: Functional Wine Barrels

We all know that any wooden barrel has the least amount of appeal in a typical household; old, dusty and bulky is actually the impression it conveys to any visitor. However, with just a touch of creativity and practicality, we might just be in for a whole new treat. Recycling a wooden barrel can go a long way and unlock much more possibilities of function and style.

The Recycled Barrel Liquor Cabinet

This is the perfect piece that can enhance the ambiance of any room. It will give your patrons a luxurious vibe in their very own household. It’s not just your ordinary liquor cabinet. But you’ll bet is one handsome place to put in your consumer’s liquor stash

The Recycled Barrel Ice Chest

Another thing you can do with a recycled barrel is making it into an ice chest. Producing this kind of product gives your brand a sense of authenticity with how you handle liquor. It gives the illusion of drinking a freshly drafted bottle of beer for your patrons. What a way to get a decent bottle of your best liquor.

Let’s go beyond the actual function of a barrel, which is initially the primary storage area for any type of liquor. The Barrel Revival gives us that delicate touch in a living room which can be an alternative of an actual bar. Recycled barrels offer style and function hand in hand for the wine and cocktail lovers. This product makes sure no resource is wasted in the process of making these delectable drinks.