Cocktail Possibilities with you Branded Cocktail Barrel

Spirits offer countless possibilities of cocktail mixes, bringing new twists to your usual drink. At some point, a spirit lover and enthusiast has dreamt of concocting their very own cocktail at home.  

A great way to really reach cocktail lovers is through offering  premium and functional gifts like cocktail barrels. Cocktail Barrels make great decorative pieces, especially on bar tops. They instantly represent the brand they carry and makes the brand's presence more imminent. The cocktail barrels we design and produce for brands at Merch and Effect are made from choice materials, made according to the traditional standards of professional cocktail brewers.

With cocktail barrels, you are offering your customers limitless ways on how to enjoy your product and tweak it to their liking. This makes your creative merchandise barrel and essential tool in achieving the results they want, increasing its usability and sustaining the interest of your customers in your product and gift.

Since cocktail barrels are made from materials that are made to last such as oak wood and copper hardware (varying depending on the design of the barrel), these can be passed down as a collector's item. The luxurious and expensive appearance of branded cocktail barrels make them superb corporate gifts to big bosses and clients. Each barrel is uniquely designed to go with the brand's theme as they are, in fact, brand awareness tools and we know the importance of leaving your brand's footprints.

Can you imagine your products turned into cocktails by your creative patrons? You should consider giving them this item. We'll help you get started.