Championing Your Brand with Glorifiers

With countless brands today, capturing the attention of patrons is a tight competition. Humans are naturally attracted to all things beautiful and shiny that is why the enticing powers of bottle glorifiers cannot be overstated. 

Bottle glorifiers are mini display stages where you can present your brand in the best and most attractive light possible. They make perfect brand awareness and visibility platforms as they capture the overall mood and "personality" of the brand and significantly increases your product and brand's noticeability. 

Appealing to the sense of sight is a surefire way of enticing customers to check out and try out your brand. Some brands opt for special effects such as LED lighting and sounds to really make their product stand out. Take this Budweiser tri-bottle glorifier for instance. It definitely catches the attention even in a dimly lit pub or restaurant and it makes a great mood light.

The whole look of the bottle glorifier should compliment your product and that in itself can speak volumes when it comes to the quality of your product. Something that is great to look at automatically sends the message that it tastes great, too.

In a market where there is a lot of competition, make it easy for your customers to remember your identity (specially in scenarios where your products are thrown in with other products like wine tasting events, bars, and restaurants).

A lot of factors come to mind like the materials that you will choose to use for your glorifier. The design possibilities are near limitless. Merch and Effect creates concepts that are stunning and we choose the best and appropriate materials to properly execute the concept. Let's create a perfect pedestal for your brand.