Judge the Wine by its Cover

We all heard the quote "never judge a book by its cover." That is applicable in most cases, especially in products that you can't sample before purchasing. 
But who would think that something truly epicurean could be hiding behind a simple packaging? With rows and rows of similar and related products standing alongside your brand and product, it is becoming a struggle not to fade away in the customer's radar.

For what the tongue cannot taste, we have to compensate by indulging the visual senses. A lot of wine brands already come in luxurious and expensive packagings to the point they are already seen as common. To truly make a brand stand out, we at Merch and Effect combined luxury with the brand's personality. Combining these two creates a design that uniquely belongs to the brand. Of course, another key element that shouldn't be overlooked in the production is the choice of materials. We opt for only the finest and most suitable ones to render the design.

A creative packaging broadcasts the brand's image. Most of the time, people don't just buy a luxury brand's product for the sake of the product, they buy it because of the lifestyle the brand is trying to sell. 
What better way to communicate this lifestyle than through something as visual and tangible as a packaging design?