Brand Interactivity: Shot Machines

People never really grow out of their love for toys where a push of a button can lead to an action. This reflects on their love for interactivity where they feel that they have some involvement in the whole cause and effect scenario.

Even the simplest cause and effect can appeal to the customers and significantly increase your brand's perceived value and appeal.

Take this well-made American Honey Shot Machine we designed and made for the brand. The purpose of this machine is pretty simple: keep the drinks cold and dispense them when the lever is pulled. Simple, but interactive. 

Because of its light box body, it doubles as a brand awareness tool for the American Honey Brand. It definitely makes the brand stand out among the others on the countertop, plus the added functionality of dispensing American Honey drinks makes it all the more fun and interactive. 

What's great about shot machines is their design versatility. Sure, a lot of products has that trait but shot machines work pretty well as a stand-alone brand awareness tool given their size. Their size itself offers a lot of options for decorating and designing. The body can be modified into unique shapes to a fit the brand's image and aesthetic. There are other features that can be added, too. Some add lights and sounds to the body to make it even more attractive and enticing.

In the making of this shot machine, Merch & Effect has saw through all the process. From the concept, design, technicalities, and production, we made sure that this product comes out better than we have first imagined it.