Take Your Wine Out On A Date: Wine Suitcase with Tools

Dates are made more special with a cool and sparkling bottle of wine. Just hearing the cork pop followed by the fizz is enough to put anyone in a romantic and jovial mood. Wine just has this vibe that makes a date feel well-thought-out and efforted so even if you just dine in the park, or at the garden, it feels extra special. 

These elegant wine suitcases make carrying them out to dates easier. With their classy and luxurious design, they'll probably compliment your date outfit, too. It definitely beats carrying all the stuff you need in a clumsy bin, with them clanking against each other. The multiple compartments and placeholders will have you looking like a suave wine connoisseur who knows their stuff

These wine suitcases with tools are not only functional, they actually make great brand awareness tools and allows your product to carry your brand's image remotely from their physical stores. The wine suitcases display your products and brand in the best way possible and significantly increases their perceived value. 

Wine suitcases are great for putting together your brand's merchandise all in one place together with your product. This is the kind of merchandise that will surely be used for years and years to come. Because of their polished and refined look, they make excellent gifts to people (especially those who you really want to impress) and will definitely put you on their good side. 





There are a lot of designs that you can run away with this idea. Wine suitcases can be made using various premium materials such as wood, wicker, and leather. Each can be made to match your product, merchandise, and what image your brand is going for. 

Merch & Effect has extensive experience when it comes to creating bags and carries with different materials on different design templates. If you're looking to create something like this to celebrate your brand's milestone or to give as gifts to your valued customers, we're a great place to start.