Dining With Your Brand: Classy Coasters

Ambience plays a large role in the dining experience and it is made out of minute details. Minute details that when combined, creates an meaningful impression to the diners.

It means that even a small detail such as a coaster, when made beautifully, can play a part in this impression.

Coasters are a great brand awareness tool as they can be made into a lot of designs and premium materials such as leather, wood, glass - the list goes on. Most people are generally attracted to expensive looking items and having your coasters exude that air of luxury will certainly draw their attention to it and to your brand.

What's great about them is that they can be given as practical gifts that can be used at home, in the bar, and even in the office. A coaster set is a versatile gift that appeals to a wide range of demographic given their practical function of protecting your surfaces from stains and drips in addition to their novel designs. 

Coasters also make a great brand introductory tool especially when used in a bar or restaurant without being too forward and eager. Since they are made from premium materials, these coasters can last through everyday use and re-use and can significantly reduce the amount of biodegradable resource that you may have been using for years by opting for paper products to protect your surfaces.

At Merch and Effect, we know the importance of creating a lasting impression even through tiny impressions such as a coaster. We take in the image of the brand and match our designs to the brand's personality and execute it with suitable and premium materials that will surely put your brand in the best light.