Bringing Life to the Party- Shot Glass Chess Set

House parties aren't all about drinking and dancing. For some, parties are a great occasion to play competitive games with friends and family for fun. One of the most entertaining competitive games that are often played and spectated is chess. Combine it with alcohol and you have yourself a winning combination of interactive entertainment and merriment.

Here we have a shot glass chess set that can be offered as an in-pack gift for liquor brands. Pour the drinks into the shot glasses and take a shot when the opponent wins over your chess piece. This game is not exclusive for two people, you can have two teams playing at each side. Games are great ice breakers and definitely beat small talking. They instantly create a common ground for people to come together and enjoy each other's company, instantly making your product the life of the party. Not only did you create awareness by incorporating your product and brand, you also create a positive experience and recall to your brand. 

Your products and brand, no doubt, can stand well on their own but so can others'. This fact makes it essential to not only invest in quality and presentation, but on brand experiences as well. By creating something that can be interactively used with your brand, you don't only give them stuff that they can use, you are also giving them memories that they can associate with your brand. 

This shot glass chess board adds a new thrill and fun to the old chess game just by incorporating your liquor product in the gameplay. 

Having a nice set like this will definitely raise questions as to where you got it from so that works well with your brand awareness goals. Another nice thing about shot glass chess board sets is their customizability to fully communicate your brand image. There's a range of designs, color schemes, branding techniques, and materials that you can use. 

Whichever way you choose to combine these elements, we at Merch & Effect can come up with what you want and need to create memorable branded gifts.