Gifts With Jet Setter Appeal

If you're going to define what a "jet setter" is, the first thing that comes to mind is someone who travels frequently. Someone who travels frequently to go to parties, resorts, or simply to shop, going to places around the world that most of us dream of visiting. 

Being that most brands have their gifts with purchase available at Duty Free stores in the airports, this demographic is often exposed to them and more often than not, has the ability to obtain these gifts. 

 However, jet setters are more that just travelers, they set the trends as they go that is why if you wish to appeal to this demographic, it is important you don't settle for anything less when you make your brand's gift with purchase.

An example of this is Remy Martin's trolley bag. Purchasing any product of Remy Martin exceeding $3000 HKD will give you a chance to get this beautiful and stylish trolley bag. 

The trolley bag matches the gold and black color scheme of Remy Martin, making the bag uniquely its own. Since Remy Martin is a luxury brand, the potential market will be more compelled to make a purchase seeing that their luxury products come with an equally luxurious gift, furthering the product and the brand's value.

Another great example is the Johnnie Walker travel bag collection for their Blue Label Scotch. Johnnie Walker teamed up with Bill Amberg, expert luggage maker, to create a line of fashionable leather travel bags. The collection is made from calf hide with blue undertones. The collection is composed of a smaller holdall, a compact travel toiletry kit, and a bottle bag that matches each other to form one complete travel set. 

Items like these don't need much to stand out in the display. The deluxe appearance of these travel bags and the product they represent is enough to speak for their high value. The attention to detail that is put into these bags and the premium materials used in their production make for a worthy investment in giving a brand the recognition it deserves.

Merch & Effect specializes in creative merchandise that go beyond the typical designs and make that will definitely appeal even to those with discerning tastes. Our designers are updated on the latest trends and incorporate these sensibilities into their designs and choice of materials. Wondering where to start your line of stylish branded travel bags? Teaming up with Merch & Effect is the perfect square one.