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Practical Merchandising: The best products for your travelling consumers

People who travel have to pack smart.  This is where premium merchandise can offer a brand-relationship base with the user and offer wide international exposure for liquor companies.  As the items will have limited yet important roles to play, the consumer will be sure to value them, especially if received as a gift.

Leather Garment Bag

One for business travellers here. This classic leather garment bag is the ultimate travel bag. It folds valuable suits or dresses away in a non-crease manner and allows the user to easily have it near at all times as it is handsomely slung over the shoulder. Lost or creased suits will be a thing of the past. Perfect for business trips or even weddings, allowing the traveller to change into a fresh suit or dress whenever it “suits” them.

Business Travel Trolley Bag

Another must have essential but not only for the business traveller. This small carry-on travel suitcase is a suitable high-end gifts that will accompany the user around the world.

Travel Essentials Case/Pouch

Often when flying, you don’t even realize what you need until it’s too late. Not anymore with a travel essentials pouch as a premium product. The handiest aspect for the marketing company is that they can mix and match the content to suit their consumers’ needs. The travel case or pouch can be kept and is also sturdy enough to be reused multiple times. Pack the case with a towel, toothbrush, and disinfectant then brand every item.