GWP Ideas

Premium Merchandising: Investments on Functional Products

The key to the success of some well-known companies lies in their constant investment in attractive communication campaigns to keep their customers loyal. This branded bag as gift with purchase launched by Glen Grant is an exclusive premium offer that will definitely increase the sales of the company.

In addition to getting great liquor, the customer comes out of the store with a Glen Grant bag as GWP, just as lovely of the same brand. They will like the sportswear bag look and chic.

This will be suitable for short stays or for a weekend, but will also accompany your customers in any of their sporting moments while making the brand visible everywhere. The logo stands out well on a black background but without being invasive on the bag, and customers are looking for this good balance.

Why do we like this Glen Grant bag as GWP?

Brand recognition. The logo on the bag will allow you to make yourself known and improve your brand awareness. It is the repetition that persuades your identity in the mind of the customer, and the more he finds himself exposed to your logo, the more easily he will recognize you.

Boost sales. If customers are used to receiving premium gifts each time they buy one of your products, it is certain that they will have a good image of your business and that they will want to consume even more.