Innovative Merchandise

Merchandising Ideas: Customisable POS Displays

This custom POS Display is easy to transport and makes a great item to catch the public eye on a festival or event. It’s a fun way to approach a liquor campaign. Next to that, the branding space on this giant beer bottle is huge. When festival visitors walk past a liquor stand, this POS display will definitely pop out and might subconsciously spark their thirst for a nice, cold glass of premium liquor.

Why do we think this POS Display will be successful?

Fully customisable. A POS display can be customised to any size, shape or colour to ensure that the promotion is unique and catches the customer’s attention. But it also ensures that the unique custom POS display upholds the brands core and reputation. In this case, the brand is a liquor company, so having the display in the shape of a bottle will be the most useful.

Unique but effective. Many brands use POS Displays, which means that you need to come up with a new, unique design for your display. A nice extra to this POS display is that it’s easy to transport because the bottle is not that bulky and easily collapsible. This makes for more convenient, lightweight freight.

Additional customers. After using such a POS display your brand awareness will have gained a lot of attention. Because of the size, it is easy to notice. It’s a very unique way of marketing a liquor brand, so it might make people more curious to try out a new type of liquor!