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Innovative Ideas: Umbrella Trends for your Liquor Brand

A common marketing gift is the umbrella. Beside the standard umbrella which we all know, there are nowadays also some new variations on the market, which might be interesting for you. Read more below about the latest trends in marketing umbrellas.

LED umbrella

A new feature in umbrellas is adding an LED light. This can be done in various ways, as shown in the picture above. These items are ideal as a marketing umbrella since they have space for logo’s or slogans. But due to the new features it will certainly attract more attention.

Changing print on an umbrella

Another new feature we found for marketing umbrellas is the changing print. This function can be applied in various shapes and colours. For example, small bottles around the outside of the umbrella which will change colour when the rain falls on it.

Customisable handles of marketing umbrellas

The latest trend in marketing umbrellas is a customised handle. A handle can be easily customised to different shapes, beside a sword handle it is also possible to change it in the mascot of your company or club.