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Innovative Solutions: Unique and Premium items for Consumers

A unique selling point is a concept that differentiates yourself from your competitors. It can be applied to promotional products or even to a business as a whole.   Also known as Unique Selling Proposition, this term refers to a feature or benefit that separates your products from anyone else. Such as offering at lower prices, creative design, extra functions etc.

The main advantage of USP: Attract potential clients.

USP focus on points like slogans, packaging and also brand recognition. With so many similar products and services in the market, Merch and Effect always finds creative merchandise solutions for a more distinct and iconic way your brand can be introduced to the market.

How can a customised leather notebook be an effective USP?

Premium Quality and Novelty. Unique features like special designs and materials would allow the customers to be attracted to the brand even more. According to every campaign’s budget, you can consider using real leather or PU for the external cover.  It is vital for every company since such strong brand recall can certainly help in brand awareness and brand image.