Innovative Merchandise

Effective Strategies: Practical On-Premise Merchandise

The best place to promote your product is directly at the place of purchase. The primary way to do this are through in-store displays in the supermarkets. As a big part of the liquor sales are done in bars, a great idea to promote your brand and product is with an in-bar display. Liquor towers and dispensers, like these items from Wild Turkey and Skyy Vodka, are great promotional products to use as an in-bar display.

When the customers of a bar see in-bar displays like a branded liquor tower, they will most likely order that featured liquor of the company they see on the displays.  Furthermore, when interacting with the beer tower, the printed label on the cover will enhance customer retention and brand recognition. This goes the same with a liquor dispenser. As cool as it may look like on top of a bar, it also serves a great purpose to improve anybody’s pub experience. It is luxury you need not buy; the perfect ambiance to complement premium liquor

How can you use bar displays as effective merchandising products?

There are several different ways to use promotional products as an in-bar display. One possibility is to offer the liquor towers and dispensers as branded merchandise. Offering these displays as merchandise will have the great benefit that you will still earn money by selling them to stores or in an online shop. Another way is to give them away for free to the bars. This way, many of the bars will use the liquor tower which will have a straight impact to your sales in bars.

Investing in these kinds of merchandise is never a bad idea as long as you choose the right design. Premium products should always avoid over-visibility of the brand and should just allow the brand to blend with the product because at the end of the day, it is always about how the product or merchandise benefits the consumer. Once you have satisfied your clientele with such merchandise, it will all be reciprocated onto your brand as a whole--- and that is something your money can’t buy.