Innovative Merchandise

Brand Merchandising Strategy: Innovative and Practical Design

Innovation is just around the corner if you truly have a passion for liquor and wine merchandise. Sky is the limit when it comes to showcasing your brand but what makes any merchandise stand out is its practicality for any liquor lover. It is always necessary to find inspiration in the things we use every single day; and most importantly, you should be able think like a true alcohol enthusiast.

There is nothing classier than your very own liquor dispenser. Having your brand embedded in one of these products will bring practical service and style to your loyal patrons. Having a liquor dispenser in someone’s den is a convenient way to store each person’s favourite wine and liquor bottles. It can take off the hassle of having to lift up any bottle to pour onto a guests’ glass or even your own. This dispenser acts like a faucet made in heaven; easy to operate and effective to use every single day.

Any liquor dispenser is open to customisation according to what you think your patrons will value. For example, applying a rig feature to your designed dispenser; through this function, your dispenser can be completely secured by installing the rig onto a table or counter top. This can definitely assure the safety of any enthusiasts’ liquor bottles. Say goodbye to spilt and broken bottles of precious liquor.

Merch & Effect takes you to road to creativity with the foundation of practicality. We can help your brand be inspired and invent your next breakthrough merchandise. This is what M&E is best at, CREATION from sheer INSPIRATION from your clients.