Innovative Merchandise

Branding Strategies- Innovative Gifts for the Technological Age

Exceptional design in this branded USB compliments the Penfolds brand, increasing the perceived value of it. This better outlook on the company will give them a competitive edge over other liquor companies.

Innovation, a defining feature of the tech industry, as it changes so often. For this reason their promotional produce should also represent the brand in an innovative way. Quality, another defining feature of a successful liquor company. This branded USB does this, it’s a quality USB drive, again reflecting the quality of the brand.

The Benefits of Using Branded Produce in this Way

Brand Awareness and Brand Activation – As aforementioned this is a great way to bring awareness to your brand. You too can use innovative products as giveaways at conferences and trade fairs to promote your business and market your brand effectively.

Employee Satisfaction – Goods like this can be used as gifts to employees. Motivate your employees beyond pay and you can gift them with branded goods. Strengthening the bond between brand and worker.

Increased Perceived Value – Quality and innovation synergism in this form of branded USB certainly increases positive brand perception. Using innovative goods, branded and prided in a way that represents your brand can do this for your business too.

Ultimately, Increased Sales – All of the benefits outlined trickle down through your business. Ultimately benefiting it via increased sales through employee satisfaction, brand awareness and brand perception.