Strategic Merchandising: Premium Leather Corporate Gifts

Gifts are not just about promoting yourself, but also to impress your customers and keep a lasting image. Especially to VIP clients, premium gifts are extremely essential and important.

Leather Premium Gift

Without a doubt, leather is practically defined as high-end and premium. Leather goods hold a high-perceived value, be it genuine leather or PU leather, they tend to project a prestigious image. In addition to that, leather products are generally more long-lasting and there is a higher probability of your client keeping it for a longer period of time. Thus, you can consider embossing your company logo on the premium leather gift. If your client uses your leather product daily, the daily viewing of it will increase the retention and recall of your brand name! This could lead to an increase in sales in the long run.

Leather Keychain

Never underestimate the power of small gifts. Premium key chains are useful, especially for female clients. If the key chain is well designed, customers may hang your premium gift on their bags. This provides a high visibility of your brand name and can certainly boost any marketing efforts!

Leather Name Card Holder

Name cards are a must-have with all businessmen and businesswomen alike. Thus, providing them with a quality name card holder is a very practical and useful gift. Practicality in gifts is crucial because this will increase the usage of the product and enhance your brand image with your clients.

Leather Garment Bag

Clients who travel frequently will definitely find a need for quality garment bag to hold their suits. Thus, a handy and sturdy garment bag will suit their needs perfectly. This can help to create good relationships with your clients and increase brand loyalty. By catering to their needs, your clients will feel that you understand them fully and will want to work with you in the long run.

Leather Duffel Bag

As your clients are bound to travel on a regular basis, a duffel bag can also double up as a travel bag. With your company name going around the world with your client, your brand name will be seen in many different parts of the world!