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Effective Marketing Campaigns: Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are on the way out in modern society, if you need to take water on the go or outdoors it is easier to use these products for a much more eco-friendly take on adventure.

These versatile water bottles are perfect for travelling, camping, hiking and so on. When considering when this kind of giveaway could be used, we would recommend for camping or fitness promotions,  as thesereusable bottles are a new  sturdy alternative.

For outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and climbers, this bottle will not be too heavy, but for those who need durability and versatility, this water bottle is the best option.

Why these branded stainless steel bottles are good for your Camping Promotions?

Practicality. Even the most simple of  bottles are hard to scratch and can withstand all the denting. Moreover, with vacuum insulation these promo stainless steel have added heat and cool resistance. 

Brand Awareness. This bottle can be branded with your logo and image, when this promo bottle is used by your customer outdoors, your brand will be seen by many people if you want to provide your customer this as on pack gift.

Due to this reason, this is a great product for some companies which provide customers with travels goods and necessities. It is a good item to use as a gift with purchase item with the purchase of other hiking and camping promotions goods.