Innovative Merchandise

Premium Duffel Bags for your Marketing Campaign

Duffel bags are easy to carry and can hold a lot of weight. They are mostly focused towards the women’s market, however times are changing. Men are now becoming more receptive to the idea of using a duffel bag. Custom bags are a marketing manager's favourite, as they can be easily customised to suit the needs of your brand.

These bags can be used in various types of marketing strategies. Use it as a free gift with purchase, or as a on-pack promotion to attract our fellow customers and try to retain them.

This custom duffel bag would be perfect for any purpose. It would be perfect for your day in school as it would be able to carry your book and a change of clothes if you decide to go for a workout after school. Even if you plan for an afternoon at the beach, this gift has more than enough space for food but also a change of clothes. With its multiple storage compartments, this gift with purchase is perfect for whatever the occasion.

Multiple other companies have used bags as promotional items as well. This proves that bags are indeed useful promotional items that helps boost brand awareness and ultimately generate sales.