Innovative Merchandise

Effective Marketing Strategies: In-Store Displays

An in-store display provides a perfect background to accentuate the product’s best features. Therefore rising initial interest towards the display as well as to the product. Can also be used to communicate brand’s personality through design making it easier for the customer to identify themselves with the brand.

This ideation for Hennessy was meant to rise an overall brand awareness for its line of liquor. The in-store display made it possible and brought even more benefits – high brand and logo exposure, positive brand associations and helped to distinguish the product from its competitors’ offerings.

Why should you think about a Unique POS Display?

  •  Fully custom. A custom POS display can be customised to any size, shape or colour to ensure that the promotion is unique and catches the customers attention. But it also ensures that the unique custom POS display upholds the brands core and reputation.
  • Eye-Catcher. Unique POS Displays are great to attract customer’s attention thanks to innovative designs. An on premise custom made display is a fantastic way to boost sales from the existing customer base, but it is also a great way to introduce potential new customers to the brand.
    • Generate sales: A well placed and implemented in store display is a crucial element in generating sales. It can catch the eye of a potential consumer, encourage an impulse buy or simply to offer a means to look. These are all positives that will contribute to generating sales. This is even more so when combined with a POS display.
    • Increase brand awareness: In store displays play a massive part in getting your brand out there and seen by others. If supported by an organised and vibrant display, it contributes to the idea that you are a big brand in the industry that you are in. This will not only help your brand image, but it will improve your brand recognition as well.
    • Stand out in store: A great in store display will instantly draw in customers to your product, as it varies highly in comparison to others. This makes customers more likely to inspect and purchase your product.
    • Flexibility: The brilliance of an in store display is that you can completely customise to your needs. You can promote any message you like in the manner that you find suitable. Using vivid colours and some clear images helps support the brands overall theme. Whether it is a small or a big display, the premise is always the same.