5 Points to Consider in Picking Out a Promotional Product

In the alcohol industry, there are times when you have to show how much your consumers mean to you and the best way to do this is to give away a free promotional product. Also coined in the marketing world as a gift with purchase (GWP), these items could be in the form of caps, umbrellas or shot glasses, among others.

However, you could also strive to be more unique and offer a Tiki cup like the one featured in the photo above made for Beam Global’s Cruzan Rum brand. You could also present your customers with a shot glass tray like the one below from Campari’s American Honey.

The problem now is the kind of GWP you will choose for your brand. As with every decision you need to make for your business, you also have to put a lot of thought into this.

So, below are just some of the points that could help you in picking out a promotional product to represent your brand and increase people’s awareness about it:

1. Consider Your Consumers

Behind every successful marketing strategy is your efforts to know your customer. You have to be keen about the age range of your target market as well as their gender, interests, income, occupation or business. You will also have to learn about their intent to buy or their ability to decide about buying your product. These are among the influencing factors that should be considered in figuring out which product is perfect for brand.

2. Think of the Venue or Event

Whether you are launching a new variation of your alcohol brand or just simply giving away a gift in time for the holidays, you always have to give the venue where you will be featuring these products tied with GWPs or the event you are promoting some serious thought. Teddy bears could be perfect to give away as a seasonal gift at Duty Free shops, while shakers can be suitable for product launchings.

If your launching event is held at a winery where you will be holding guided tours and some wine tasting, then you might like to offer umbrellas or caps to protect them from the sun or sudden rain. As these items are something they can keep and use for a long time, then you will be presenting your consumers with a constant reminder of your brand or company.

3. Go for What Lasts Long

As mentioned in the previous point, you have to think about how long you want your customers to remember your product. So, go for such products like shot glasses or coasters that they can use every time they have a nightcap or a glass of wine before dinner. Your brand need to be on top of their mind if you wish for them to become repeat customers.

4. Aim for Functionality

Choose a promotional item that no one will want to throw away. If you have to give away a keychain, put in a flash drive for additional purpose. If you wish to offer those umbrellas or caps, make sure they are of high quality, so your customers will be able to keep and make use of them for quite some time.

Do not settle for the mediocre in giving away promotional products. As you are in the alcohol industry selling premium liquor brands, you also have to gift your most valued consumers with high-end items that will represent the quality of your business.

5. Be Conscious of Timelines

This is a point you should never overlook. It is crucial for you to plan and order your promotional items way ahead of your scheduled product launching or promotional event. If you aim for high quality and excellent craftsmanship for your merchandise, then the lead time you should give your marketing partner should be enough for them to deliver these to you.

Because of this, it is also vital for you to find a marketing partner that could assist you not only in choosing the best GWP for your brand. They should also ensure that your timeline is met. Go for a provider of creative merchandise solutions that will help you come up with a promotional product that is in line with all the considerations pointed out above. If you are able to do this, then success for your marketing strategy is within easy reach.