Why a Free Gift with Purchase Adds Value for Your Brand

No matter how much you look at it from a consumer’s point of view, buying an alcoholic beverage with a free gift with purchase (GWP) is definitely better than purchasing any liquor brand without it. This is the reason promotional products are getting more attention from marketers and sellers nowadays.

Penfold's Coasters

Let’s say you are in a liquor store and you see a display stand with an ad saying you can get a free coaster set or a steak knife set for purchasing a bottle or two of a drink that may not be your favourite brand, but is pretty close in quality. What will you do? Will you stick with the brand you are used to or will you take a chance with another that offers you added value through a free GWP? For sure, you will go for the latter.

Below are more reasons offering a free gift with purchase is becoming an excellent choice for your brand these days:

Develop Better Brand and Image Perception

A free gift with purchase like a high-end bag will aid in improving a prospective consumer’s perception of your company and your brand. This was proven in a study conducted by the Georgia State University where it was seen how recipients of promotional products had a higher probability of looking at a company at a favourable light.

This is understandable because any kind of gift is usually seen as a token of goodwill. So, it follows that promotional gifts can elevator goodwill among consumers and cultivate a generally good feeling among prospective customers.

Skyy Vodka Bag

Save on Marketing Costs

A free GWP is not only a thoughtful gift, it can also aid in advertising your brand at a lower cost compared to other marketing vehicles. This makes giving out novelty items as a very cost-effective promotional measure. An American research in 2008 showed a promotional product’s average expense per impression as being only $0.004.

Compared to this, ads for both newspaper and TV figured at $0.019 per impression. This basically means that free gifts with purchase will give you nearly five times more for your money.

Increase Profit Sales

You can expect for sales to rise when there is increased brand awareness and better goodwill among your consumers. The Southern Methodist University came up with a study that shows how consumers who got free gifts with their purchases are more likely to patronise the company who gave them more.

So, when you give away free GWPs, think of them as added value for your brand. Remember that customers will definitely spend more money if they believe they are getting greater value for it.

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Increase Brand Awareness

To get ahead in the marketing game, you have to step out of the box and do things differently. If the normal promotional venues are geared towards print and broadcast media as well as the Internet, then you have to work at getting your name out there with an excellent GWP marked with your company’s name and logo. This is a perfect way to heighten awareness for your brand.

In 2003, a research was done among trade show attendees and it was found out that 71.6 percent of the 62.6 percent of the respondents who said they were given a promotional product was able to recall the name of the giver company.

When you create connections, you build brand awareness. So, when you offer a free GWP like scented candles or a margarita glass to your consumers, they will see your brand in a positive light. Regardless of the practicality or beauty of your free gift, it will still make an impression on the mind of your customer and will make them remember your brand better.

Sauza Tequila Megarita Glass

Preserve Customer Loyalty

The same research from the Southern Methodist University suggests that consumers who get free promotional gifts are more inclined to buy again. Repeat business can be encouraged through gentle reminders such as free GWPs that they and their support is of great importance to your business.

Generate More Prospects

Putting your liquor merchandise in prominent display along with an ad that gives buyers a free gift will spark interest for your brand and your company. You can expect for consumers to be more open about purchasing from any business that gives away free promotional items. You can even use these gifts as a ways for them to visit your website or subscribe to your newsletter.

A research done by Wayne State University in 1998 revealed that the intention to buy among consumers who got free gifts was at 10 to 20 percent. This translates to promotional gifts being quite effective in generating fresh prospects for your business.

You should not also discount the fact that happy customers are more likely to market your product through “word of mouth”. They will tell their family and friends about your free promotional products and encourage them to buy, so they can get their own items. This means you get more marketing value for your GWP.

Beringer Steak Knife Set

Considering all these reasons, you can now realize how much a free gift with purchase can help in adding value to your brand. Not only will such promotional products generate more awareness for your business, they will also help you cement your connection with your loyal customers and aid you in getting new ones.