Promotions GWP – Aperol Cocktail Glass

This promotion is both stylish and pinpoints the essence of what Aperol Spritz stands as a brand. Also because the cocktail glass can be used for many occasions, it makes this gift very practical for using at home, at events or for a sneeky tipple somewhere.  Because of its stylish design, customers will want to buy this product as it makes a great incentive to buy because the gift is more valuable.


Furthermore this branded glass and on-pack packaging can be personalised. The brand or logo can be engraved, laser embossed or printed on such glasses. This can help to provide high visibility for the brand. Also, users can promote the brand even when they are not drinking Aperol for use with other drinks.

Having glasses as promotions GWP advertisements is a very popular marketing strategy in the alcoholic beverage industry. Shot glasses are most commonly given away during gift promotions. And do are other glassware varieties including champagne glasses, stein glasses, martini glasses, pint glasses, etc.


Cocktails are mixed drinks, one ingredient being alcohol – these are ever popular drinks in bars and parties and these have strong thematic connotations including…. Exotic / Holiday / Celebrations / Parties / Experimentation / Mixing.

Cocktail sets are a handy tool for aspiring mixers, bar tenders, and drinks reps to bring on the go to parties to show off their skills and be the center of attention.   Such a set will also make for an excellent GWP drinks promo.


The typical cocktail set consists of a shaker, drink stirrer, measure, tongs, strainer & carrying case. Depending on your budget you can adapt the set to have limited components and varied packaging.

The set can be housed in a variety of ways from wooden boxes to leather bags, the cocktail set allows for different levels of sophistication to be conveyed to the recipients. A cocktail set is also of great attraction to the younger recipients due to the cool stylized reputation of drink mixers in society, making it a great incentive product to encourage consumers to endorse services of products rendered. In addition product or company logos may also be etched onto the shaker or the box/bag to give advertising and marketing value for firms who may wish to pursue using a cocktail set as a promotional product.

Promotional Branded Glass – What Makes it an Effective GWP

What Makes This Promotional Branded Glass A Great Gift With Purchase?

Adds value – Getting something for free from your regular purchase creates a whole idea that you are making a worthwhile purchase. Thus, consumers love getting marketing gifts from their favourite brands. Furthermore, On pack gifts are a commonly used marketing scheme because the add-on entices shoppers to buy.

Boost sales – Customers are more likely to purchase products that offer promotional giveaways. Because the perceived value increases as brands offer add-ons, shoppers are more keen to buy those products that offer more value for money.

Practicality – Lastly, this on-pack merchandise goes well with the product being sold. And the great thing about branded glasses is that every time they are in use, it facilitates brand exposure.


Opportunity for improvement

The promotional branded glass is a great promo item but it needs a POS display to further highlight the product. Place the POS display in a conspicuous place to put the brand front and centre.

Every Girl Needs This – Bag Hooks

A handbag hook is a perfect companion for any girl to keep their handbags off the ground.  This helps keep your handbag clean and prolong its usability. Besides, this handbag hook also shouts out as a fashion statement. The simple yet posh design stands out from other conventional handbag hooks that may come across as too loud or cheap looking.

blog cocktail.jpg

How can offering a handbag hook be helpful?

On a marketing level, offering a promotional gift reflects well on the company. It shows that the company is customer orientated and they is also a gesture of generosity to them. Customers that receives gift will usually be more loyal or receptive to future products or promotions from that same company.

Furthermore, by offering such promotional gifts it will also promote the products of the company. It helps create brand recall in the minds of customers. They would then have the perception that your company is reliable because your gift could be something they see every day.

4 Benefits of Custom Branded Packaging for Marketing Drinks

The benefits of using custom branded packaging:

1. Capture customer’s attention– Nice packaging will certainly attract customers’ attention and increase customers’ purchase desires. With a custom design packaging, it presents the product as unique and identifiable.

2. Brand recognition– The stronger the identity and brand image it creates, the stronger the recognition will be. This is because the packaging says a lot about your image as a brand. Since most liqueurs target high-end customers, the brand packaging design should also reflect this fact.


3. Product exclusivity – In fact, many brands maintain their status purely because they offer the product which others do not have. Directly because of product exclusivity, it stands out from the crowd of products.

4. Profitable – Because of its limited number, the product’s price can be set higher than the standard price. Moreover, it creates a sense of urgency, so customers will purchase the product before it’s too late. Thus, it sells faster and clears stock.

Indeed, having a custom branded packaging can add value to your products and improve your image. More durable packaging makes your brand look reliable and high quality.

Drink Advertisement: Customized and Branded Bar Mats

Going to a bar is one big common thing for a lot of people on their weekends. Why not advertising in such area, which is well visited, by a broad range of people. Customized and branded bar mats are just the right product to get noticed by customers and bar-keeper. Such a product is really useful in bars as this is not only protecting the bar from violence by drunk people, but also promoting your brand.

Bar mats are not only customizable in shape and branding, but also in their material. Bar mats can implement a lot of different materials and can therefore catch the eye of the customers even more. This also can communicate that your company does care about the environment.

To catch the eye in dark clubs is this branded bar mat perfect, as the light will make sure your customers will note your brand and think about ordering it.

Such bar mats are not only good for bars and clubs, but also to promote your brand at events to gain an increase in consumers and therefore sale of your brand.


Why should you think about Branded Bar Mats?

  • Brand awareness. Imagine sitting on a bar and seeing such branded bar mats in front of you while having your drink. This kind of situation is a common situation, which a lot of people know just to well from evenings of the weekend in bars. To have always a look, where you put your drink down will definitely gain the brand awareness of the customers. Also will a unique design, like the wooden one really catch the eye of your customer and will make sure he will spread the word around it.

  • Additional consumers. Most of the bars have big menus of possible drinks and meals. Many people can get swamped by such big options at the bar. To have such branded bar mats will help them to choose their next drink and will make the choice really easy.

Catching the Eye: Bottle Glorifiers for Premium Advertising

When we trying to advertise a luxurious drink brand we could use different POS to be able to promote our brand in different locations. For instance, if we think of a luxurious alcoholic drink; we could use a special point of sale to advertise it in clubs. A great example of point of sale we could use is a LED bottle glorifier. This promotional product will enable your brand to be seen in clubs where your drink will be consumed at most times. This can be placed on tables or even in bar shelves. This kind of product has an amazing visibility which will increase your brand awareness.

We can see an example of this point of sale below:


So, what is a point of sale and how can it help you out in marketing your brand?

POS stands for point of sales. The idea behind the usage of point of sales products is to attract customers to the point of purchase as well as increasing the visibility of our brand.

A point of sale in marketing will always generate new product awareness, trial and purchase if both of these two steps are done properly. We always need to find different ways of presenting our products to our target market. Normally, people admire the way products are packed and presented to them to generate them an interest of purchasing. If we compare the big clothing brands the way that they use high-end packaging we could really tell the difference and quality compared to small shops.

In this situation, this LED bottle glorifier is tremendously unique to present our drinks in clubs, firstly because it is high-end and therefore can be pricy and secondly it looks amazingly great to display our products. This kind of POS really will catch customers attention as it also includes LED light that will stand out even when the club lights turn off.

Shake it up! Premium Cocktail Shakers as Merchandise

Liquor promotional products are often premium. From branded ice buckets and stirrers to successful packaging there have been great items for this industry. This trend is the same here with this promotional material; the black matte finish adds a premium accent while the strong branding ensures exposure.


Liquor Promotional Products, why a Cocktail Shaker?

Gift with purchase – A premium item like this adds value to a purchase exceptionally. As part of a set, or an individual glass these would pair brilliantly with a premium bottle of liquor. Liquor promotional products like these have exceptional brand exposure capability.

 Custom design –The branding on the side can be satin etched for clarity with custom design or silk screen printed, great for a bold display of your logo. The premium feel is essential for products like this, these merchandise accomplish this.

 Generate awareness– Brands love to be recognised, and these promotional products are a perfect way to give your brand the boost it deserves. Integrate your brands logo and you will be ascertained to reap the benefits of using a high quality promotional product.

Inspire conversation- Due to the nature of the product, they are intended to be used in social situations, as such this is a great way to formulate word-of-mouth, and it’s certain to be the positive type if offering a product of this quality.

There are endless amounts of styles of promotional products, but when it comes to liquor we would recommend in staying away from the stein type and just sticking to the classic taster genre, purely for health precautions. Though these styles come with various types of prints that can be extremely impactful on the perceived value of the product.

We have years of experience at Merch and Effect in product design, product sourcing and product manufacturing; and have produced and constructed a large array of drink promo products such as the ones shown above.

Elevate any Product with Premium Packaging Designs

A nice whiskey campaign requires some nice packaging as well. No company would hand them over like normal bottles. Give a look at this new packaging designs for your liquor marketing campaigns. All of them come in the same material and similar shape but in different types of wood and styles.


Why would these distillery packs be effective promo items?


Higher perceived value: The clean and well-finished design and the materials used for the boxes and the bottle of liquor makes the promo gift seem not cheap at all. The customer will feel like receiving an important gift and consequently adopt a different approach towards your brand.

Branding: The logo on top of the box is a perfect example of branding. However, not only the box can be branded but the packaging of the bottle as well. Your name will be visible in every glass and single merchandise.

Custom: The design can be changed and made custom, it is possible to use other materials, apply different closing methods, composepersonalised sets and so on. The possibilities for customisation are infinite.

LAUNCHING SOON: New and Innovative Belt Kit

We have developed a product that helps anyone be connected with what they put on their waists. Same as to our diet, there is a sense of achievement within ourselves whenever we cook our own food which helps us eat healthy and lose weight; a common therapeutic effect on DIY activities. A belt is a subtle piece of fashion most people take for granted, but only few know its effect in balancing your whole outfit which is why these people are serious with their belts.



The THEORY belt is a kit that’s easy to use for anyone who wants to create their own premium quality belt. A fully customised piece of fashion made by your own hands which can definitely elevate your confidence as you pair it with your wardrobe.