Merch & Effect is committed to delivering the best creative solutions to our clients and maximizing production from conceptualization to finish.
As brand custodians, we understand that brands are living entities that is why we provide plausible brand strategies and brand development solutions. Through the years, we have formed lasting partnerships with global brands built on trust, quality and integrity.

Our team is comprised of professionals from all over the globe, driven by our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), the paramount area of our practices.

Our commitment to adhere to our Ethical Sourcing Policy and Quality Control enables our team and our supply chain partners to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

We make sure that we operate responsibly by partnering with suppliers who adhere to our ethics and vision to provide long-term strategies that would maintain and sustain the natural resources that our operations impact and to provide suitable and fair working conditions.

To make sure we deliver only the best, we use Asia Quality Focus (AQF) to make sure that the suppliers and us are more than capable to undertake the various stages in production. We go through quality inspections, factory audits and supplier assessments, and laboratory testing and certification.
These processes ensure that the final product is as good as how we have conceptualized it.

Clients can be assured that we do stay in the line with our CSR as we are dedicated to comply with employment regulations, health and safety, and management obligations involved in our operations.