I am Zach the founder and manager of Merch & Effect. My small team of 17 are foremost and above all a happy team.

I never thought my career would send me in the direction of merchandising. After working at CUB Fosters for 10 years, the opportunity became available for me to change paths and explore the new venture of merchandising. I did have to think about this move! After accepting the role and working within the industry for 2 years, I learnt about merchandising, but more importantly, I discovered how to run a business ethically and morally. This no MBA could have taught me!

This learning has made me the happy man that I am today. Though merchandising wasn't my 'intended' career, it is through this business which is fulfilling and challenging, that I have made amazing connections and relationships with some of the most creative and forward thinking people I could hope to meet. These people challenge me to be as creative and progressive in this field as I can be. Something I never thought merchandising would offer me!

I will be forever grateful to the one significant client who supported me up 10 years ago when I first started my company. They are proudly still my clients and we enjoy a happy and collaborative relationship today.

How did we get here....we never wanted to be the biggest, but we did want to be the best in what we do. Today we can happily say that we know what it takes to deliver a successful merchandise campaign and guarantee our design and quality 100%. 10 years experience in this challenging industry affords us the expertise and relationship building skills to deliver 100% of the time. We deliver style and substance to some of the most leading and edgy clients across the globe, who demand the same in return! It's built on relationship and creativity and wanting to push the boundaries of design to create a most unique product.

We create merchandise.... not reproduce promotional products. As an original next-generation merchandise company we change the way merchandise and touch points are delivered, always sparking conversations.

Our mission is to make you and your brands look good...if you look good, we look good...

Thank You

Zach Hegde
+61 433 336 808



Established in 2010, we believe in the worthwhile value added by creative merchandise to brands that is why we at Merch & Effect remain a trusted company producing high quality creative merchandise needs for brands from different industries.

We are company comprised of diverse people and designers from all across the globe and we wear our passion on our sleeves. Most importantly. we source from the best- cost countries. We are not trying to be the biggest in industry; we aim to be the best in what we do.

Our commitment to adhere to our Ethical Sourcing Policy and Quality Control enables our team and our supply chain partners to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

We make sure that we operate responsibly by partnering with suppliers who adhere to our ethics and vision to provide long-term strategies that would maintain and sustain the natural resources that our operations impact and to provide suitable and fair working conditions.

To make sure we deliver only the best, we use Asia Quality Focus (AQF) to make sure that the suppliers and us are more than capable to undertake the various stages in production. We go through quality inspections, factory audits and supplier assessments, and laboratory testing and certification.
These processes ensure that the final product is as good as how we have conceptualized it.

Clients can be assured that we do stay in the line with our CSR as we are dedicated to comply with employment regulations, health and safety, and management obligations involved in our operations.